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YET is a company with local presence over 20 years serving people, brands and companies in Malaysia. We are a manufacturer who started off differently by serving end users directly. Along the journey, it helped to shape our products to its assured-quality today. It allows the continuous flow of feedback to bring the best of the market to you. Our core beliefs are at the heart of everything we do, we believe that we are


YET Air Cooling System is incorporated 20 years ago as an off-shoot of Maju Jaya Alat-Alat Logam & Mesin Sdn Bhd (MJALM), an established supplier and distributor of water pumps and power tools for over 40 years. We are the pioneer that invented “Snow Wash” system which revolutionized the Malaysian car washing industry in 1996. It later becomes a “must-have” for car wash outlets.

In 1999, we introduced our first mist module or system called TORNADO. We entered Indonesia market especially Medan and Surabaya to provide the mist system for “bird nest” cultivators and it pushed us to improve our system to be more efficient, producing finer mist, have lower maintenance frequency and automation.

With the experiences, we develop the next generation of Mist Systems. They have better electrical system for control, higher pressure system with lowered water flow rate and with solenoid valves to control the whole system. The YET 2100SRI mist module is the end result of perfecting our product for the market. It is able to deliver more than 100 nozzle points without affecting the pressure required.

Key milestones

The market demand again pushes up to improve on size and costing of mist module. Average users requires between 30 to 40 mist points only and thus we have introduced lighter duty modules catering to the segment’s needs. They became the most popular ones among our customers. Durability, low maintenance, user friendly and a proven system are what users look for and we strive towards. 

Later, we went on to invent YET Evaporative Air Cooling systems as an alternative for outdoor cooling. We had experienced hundreds of trial and error to perfect our solution. We did product innovations such as the invention of cooler stand to enhance air flow output distance, incorporation of chiller into cooling system to further lower water temperature and many more. As a result, more than half of our sales is repeated sales and through clients’ referral.

With our 40-year experience in water pumps and understanding of local demand, the next big thing we envisioned and successfully invented is Italy Industrial High Pressure Cleaner. We believe that adaptability of machinery to local usage and application is key to enhance durability and customer experience. YET Italy High Pressure Cleaners are assembled with high quality parts of prestigious brands ie AR and Mecline imported from Italy. We further customized them to ensure best adaptability to various local needs. 

In reputation

Our leadership is based on years of experience, quality products, superior service and lasting performance. The first system we built is still in operation today.

In manufacturing

Every step in manufacture of your product is meticulously controlled through installation and final inspection.

In efficiency

We combine mechanical and hydraulic design features to provide high efficiency, peak performance for lower operating costs.