Greenhouse Cooling

Typically, all growers have the problem of low humidity and high temperatures. Situation becomes critical when the humidity drops below 30% RH as plants will suffer and typically slow or halt the growing process. When greenhouse temperature and humidity are controlled at optimum level, dehydration of crops can be prevented and the productivity can be promoted.

Our Misting Systems are an inexpensive way and indeed a good fit for greenhouse cooling promoting growth in longer term. With the installation, it will effectively lower outdoor temperature by 9 ~ 12°C and increase humidity by 20 ~ 40%. Both important measures can be controlled automatically based on system settings without additional hassle to further manage.

How does it work?

YET® Mist Cooling operates based on the concept of “Flash Evaporation” where highly pressurized filtered water is pumped using a 1.5 horsepower pulley driven pump with PSI rating of at least 1,000 PSI to 1,500 PSI. The pressurized filtered water is then forced through nozzle point of 0.06” orifice, a size smaller than a strand of hair turning it into a very fine mist.

Humidity is usually less than 45% during hot weather and the spraying of mist will be immediately dried up by the hot dry air causing a “Flash Evaporation” effect which in turn convert the surrounding hot air into cool humid air similar to the air we feel after a rainy day without getting wet.

Getting the right system is important because at least more then half what is available in the market provides more water droplets than mist and this usually results in the right opposite effect

Beyond cooling?

Low installation, system operating cost and energy consumption

Increased productivity and yield of greenhouse

Automatic control of constant humidity and temperature levels for even propogation and growth

Favorable conditions all year round

Suitable for chemical spreading (fertilizers, insecticides)

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