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Industrial Cooling

YET Cooling systems becomes ideal for cooling large areas or to dissipate high heat emissions from industrial processes.

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People is the most important asset for company especially for labor-intensive businesses. Employees’ productivity and morale become key for the business success, it is highly dependent on how the employees feel at work every day. Thus, it is utterly important to provide a safe, comfortable and productive working environment. Cooling employees, equipment and processes can lead to happier employees and bigger profits. Cooler workers are safer and more productive. Cooler machines last longer and can produce more. Many processes that need cooling can be speed-ed up with less problem.

For larger industrial warehouses, conventional air conditioning system is impossible to operate with open doors and windows. Today, YET Cooling systems becomes ideal for cooling large areas (industrial sheds, garages, workshops) or to dissipate high heat emissions from industrial processes (foundries, machinery). Cooling effect can also be combined with humidity control to increase productivity in specific industries (paper, wood, textiles).

There are 2 cooling solutions suitable for industrial cooling which are YET® Mist Cooling or YET® Evaporative Air Cooling. Both are inexpensive investments and highly energy-efficient in delivering significant results – lowering temperature by 9 ~ 12°C or keeping temperature at the range of 27 ~ 28°C for the latter.

YET® Mist Cooling operates based on the concept of “Flash Evaporation” where highly pressurized filtered water is pumped using a 1.5 horsepower pulley driven pump with PSI rating of at least 1,000 PSI to 1,500 PSI. The pressurized filtered water is then forced through nozzle point of 0.06” orifice, a size smaller than a strand of hair turning it into a very fine mist.

Humidity is usually less than 45% during hot weather and the spraying of mist will be immediately dried up by the hot dry air causing a “Flash Evaporation” effect which in turn convert the surrounding hot air into cool humid air similar to the air we feel after a rainy day without getting wet.

YET® Evaporative Air Cooling also operates based on the “Flash Evaporation” concept where water is flowed into air cooler passing cooling pads and evaporated into humid cool air. Substance is changed from liquid to humid air with temperature remained at 20°C (water temperature). Cool air will be blown with large fans incubated into targeted areas, reaching 26 – 28°C as it flows.

Getting the right system is important because at least more then half what is available in the market provides more water droplets than mist and this usually results in the right opposite effect.

  • Increase overall productivity of employee
  • Air conditioning in localized areas of interest
  • Control of dust, gases, fumes and other harmful emissions
  • Installation costs reduced by 75%
  • Considerable energy savings and foster Go-Green

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