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Livestock Cooling

Birds and animals, like humans are happier and more productive when provided with a comfortable working condition with optimum temperature.

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Livestock feeding business has always been in the market and productivity of animals determines the growth of business, not very different from labor-intensive business. Birds and animals, like humans are happier and more productive when provided with a comfortable working condition with optimum temperature. Mist cooling system is a good fit as it provides heat stress relief outdoor and actively control outdoor temperature through the volume of mist released.

For birds when swallow feeding that is common in Asia, humid and cool environment attracts them to stay and ultimately increases their productivity in bird nest production. For horses, chronic heat stress can cause a weakened immune system and they become more susceptible to diseases. Heat stress can also cause reduced performance as horse behaves just like human – slowing down when they suffer heat stress. For poultry, mortality can be reduced dramatically, stress-free broilers eat and grow faster and breeders become more active in producing higher quality eggs. For cattle, heat-stress environment increases milk production and weight development. The misted cow is the contented cow is the productive cow.

Our Misting Systems are an inexpensive way to start/ enhance your livestock living condition for higher productivity in longer term. With the installation, it will effectively lower outdoor temperature by 9 ~ 12°C and increase humidity by 20 ~ 40% without feeling wet at all.

YET® Mist Cooling operates based on the concept of “Flash Evaporation” where highly pressurized filtered water is pumped using a 1.5 horsepower pulley driven pump with PSI rating of at least 1,000 PSI to 1,500 PSI. The pressurized filtered water is then forced through nozzle point of 0.06” orifice, a size smaller than a strand of hair turning it into a very fine mist.

Humidity is usually less than 45% during hot weather and the spraying of mist will be immediately dried up by the hot dry air causing a “Flash Evaporation” effect which in turn convert the surrounding hot air into cool humid air similar to the air we feel after a rainy day without getting wet.

Getting the right system is important because at least more then half what is available in the market provides more water droplets than mist and this usually results in the right opposite effect.

  • Increases livestock performance and productivity
  • Reduce the risk of heat stress by keeping your animals cooler
  • Reduces water and energy consumption as compared with air conditioners (Power consumption is limited to the fan and water pump vs compressors, pumps, and blowers in A/C)
  • Extends breeding period and growth rate
  • Dust suppression and Odor control
  • Deter flying insects which can reduce irritation and discomfort to your animals
  • Save time spent manually wetting down areas

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