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Cooling principle of Evaporative Air Cooler

  1. The water pump circulates water to ensure the cooling pad properly rinsed and wet.
  2. The high speed fan continuously draw outside hot air into the air cooler.
  3. A large amount of water evaporation occurs at the cooling pad.
  4. The air inside the air cooler becomes cooler.
  5. The same fan deliver the cooled fresh air to the targeted area.

Evaporative Air Cooling principle

Why choose Evaporative Air Cooler over Industrial Fan?

  • 2 in 1 – Effective air cooling to 26°C (at least) and then blowing of cold air
  • Fresh & cold air – Ventilation of fresh air, not enclosed warm air
  • Energy saving – Electricity consumption similar but cooling effect much better

Why choose Evaporative Air Cooler over Air Conditioner?

  • Fresh & cold air – Ventilation of fresh cold air into target area
  • 80% electricity cost saving – At least 80% electricity cost compared with air conditioned system
  • Easy & low installation cost – Cheaper to install without needing to enclose the whole space
  • Pollution free – Water cool concept through water evaporation only

Why choose YET ® Air Cooler over other brands?

  • ROHS & CE certified fan – High pressure mute fan with very powerful airflow
  • Modified fan motor – Certified 240V or 415V adhering to TNB incoming electricity supply
  • High quality honeycomb cooling pad – Certified 100mm thick cellulose cooling pad for amazing air evaporation without smell
  • Solid steel brackets – 100% solid steel bracket inside air cooler instead of hollow steel or plastic

System installation design for Mounted Evaporative Air Cooler

We would recommend our air coolers to be installed with air ducting to ensure perfect inflow of cool air and with our Heavy Duty Propeller Fan to exhaust hot air indoor, ultimately creating cooling effect through constant flow of cool air.

Indoor evaporative air cooling principles

Comparison of Evaporative Air Cooler with Air Conditioner

For 100m2 area with 4m height ceiling

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