ICF-21 Industrial Ceiling HVLS Fan

Features and Benefits:

  • Power Technology
    Permanent magnet external rotor motor, high efficiency an energy saving, small volume and light weight
  • Blade Technology
    Blade design of high lift drag ratio airfoil with high strength, light weight, impact resistance, anti-aging & long life service
  • Safety Technology
    Adopt 12 safety protection structure, simulate all kind of extreme condition that may appear in using process, so as to ensure the safe operation without failure
  • Control Technology
    Developed in cooperation with professional manufacturer of frequency converter, with over-current protection, over/under-voltage protection, overload protection, and effective matching with fans.
  • Wingtip Technology
    Install patent designed wingtip guide plate. Effectively reduce the air to be vortex in the movement of the end of streamlined blade. Reduce the energy loss caused by vortex and improve efficiency.
  • Warranty
    – 5 years warranty on inverter VSD control panel
    – 5 years warranty on motor
Blade Diameter (ft) 21.3
Motor Speed (RPM) 66
Air Flow (m³/min) 14900
No. of blade 5
Voltage (V) 220V – 240V
Power (watt) 1100
Current (Amp) 5.0
Air Covering Area (m²) 1100
Optimum Use Area (m²) 650
Noise (dB) 39
Weight (Kg) 116
Warranty (Inverter Control Panel) 5 years from YET®
Warranty (Motor) 5 years from YET®