VM160 Evaporative Industrial Air Cooler Portable Type

YET® Evaporative Industrial Air Cooler Portable type offers high speed cooling at water temperature and easily movable depending on the change of intended cooling area. It comes with an in-built water tank.

Highlights beyond Specs:

  • Best fit for commercial & industrial use
  • 6 levels of speed control (Speed 1 to 6)
  • Up to 120m2 effective area coverage
  • Powerful Air Flow >16000m³/hr
  • Comes with 145L water tank capacity
  • Power consumption 600 watts
  • Heavy-duty > 8 hrs operation daily
  • Water level indicator
Air flow (m3/h) 16000
Water Tank (litre) 145L
Effective area (m2) 100 ~ 120
Power (w) 600
Voltage (V, Hz) 240V, 50Hz
Dimension (cm) 54.5 (L) x 91.5 (W) x 152 (H)
Net weight (Kg) 50
Warranty 12 months from YET®