Commercial Cooling

It is common to see people dining outdoor at restaurants, kids having fun for at least half a day at theme parks and adults enjoying chilled beer outside bar areas. However, things get a lot worse when temperatures rise to 30°C and above – commercial owners will be the biggest loser subsequently. YET® Mist Cooling system can definitely change this by turning the space into a comfortable place and ensure a win-win retreat for both consumer and owners.

Our Misting Systems are an inexpensive investment for commercial owners when compared with the profitable retreat ensured in longer term. With the installation of Mist System or Mobile Mist Fan, it will effectively lower outdoor temperature by 9 ~ 12°C and increase humidity by 20 ~ 40% without feeling wet at all.

Besides, people becomes more concerned with global warming, many commercial owners have dropped air conditioners which release 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in total per year. Alternatives have been explored to replace air conditioners and one of them would be evaporative air cooling systems. YET® Evaporative Air Cooling system has been deployed by many large corporations ie NSK Supermarket, Checkers, Courts for their semi-outdoor/ indoor areas and the results have been encouraging so far.

Our Evaporative Air Cooling Systems are an inexpensive investment for commercial owners especially when compared with electricity costs incurred for air conditioners in longer term, not even mentioning the effect to global warming which will endanger everyone’s life. With the installation, it will effectively lower outdoor temperature to 28°C due to the humid air released from cooler.

How does it work?

YET® Mist Cooling operates based on the concept of “Flash Evaporation” where highly pressurized filtered water is pumped using a 1.5 horsepower pulley driven pump with PSI rating of at least 1,000 PSI to 1,500 PSI. The pressurized filtered water is then forced through nozzle point of 0.06” orifice, a size smaller than a strand of hair turning it into a very fine mist.

Humidity is usually less than 45% during hot weather and the spraying of mist will be immediately dried up by the hot dry air causing a “Flash Evaporation” effect which in turn convert the surrounding hot air into cool humid air similar to the air we feel after a rainy day without getting wet.

YET® Evaporative Air Cooling also operates based on the “Flash Evaporation” concept where water is flowed into air cooler passing cooling pads and evaporated into humid cool air. Substance is changed from liquid to humid air with temperature remained at 20°C (water temperature). Cool air will be blown with large fans incubated into targeted areas, reaching 27 ~ 28°C as it flows.

Getting the right system is important because at least more then half what is available in the market provides more water droplets than mist and this usually results in the right opposite effect

What other benefits besides cooling?

Center of customer attention

Reduces flying insects ie mosquitoes

Energy-efficient cooling solution (as compared with Aircond)

Special effect

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