FG-85 25″ Fiberglass SMC Propeller Ventilation Fan

Features and Benefits:

  • Commercial & Industrial grade
    Made of new material in market which is SMC aka Fiberglass
  • Long lasting 
    Good alkali resistance, anti corrosion, anti aging and anti rust due to its material
  • Powerful air volume
    High volume design propeller fan for air blowing or hot air exhaust at 25000 m3h
  • Highly energy saving
    Low power consumption which is around 10-15% of air conditioning system
  • Relatively higher send wind distance
    Motor direct drive producing relatively higher air static pressure than belt driven mechanics
  • Suitable for commercial & industrial use
    Best fit for property that emits chemical gas as this is anti corrosion and good alkali resistance
  • Guaranteed after sales support
    1 year warranty from local manufacturer
Size (inch) 25
Speed (RPM) 720
Air Flow (m³/hr) 25000
No. of Blade 6
Noise (dB) 65
Power (W) 350W / 8p
Voltage 415V, 50Hz
Installation dim (mm) 850
Weight (kg) 35
Warranty 12 months from YET®